Mort Garson – Mother Earth’s Plantasia (1976)


Artist: Mort Garson

Album: Mother Earth’s Plantasia

Year: 1976

Genres: Electronic, Ambient


Look at the cover of this album. What words would you describe it with? Comfy? Happy? Relaxing? Well guess what? All those words you just said, they perfectly describe this album. Having a bad, stressful day? Just throw this on and just let all your problems soar away for half an hour. Get yourself lost in the beautiful, bright, watery synths located all throughout this album. Allow yourself to be entranced in these beautiful soundscapes being formed right in front of your… Ears? A truly beautiful electronic album that some electronic artist would still have a tough time matching up with today. I mean, even for an album from 1976, it still manages to feel like the future of electronic music. And mind you, this was before electronic music was even a popular thing, this was before Kraftwerk released the revolutionary albums “Trans-Europe Express” and “The Man Machine” that would both go on to become two of the most influential electronic albums of all time as well as truly bringing electronic music into the “mainstream”. This album was definitely quite progressive for its time and it definitely shows as the lush atmosphere this album is able to create with such beautifully arranged instrumentals is truly breath-taking at times. Sometimes, this album numbs you too much for you to even notice all of the genius that is going on.

All in all, Mother Earth’s Plantasia should be an essential listen for any electronic fan or just if you want a really nice, pleasant album to throw on and drift away to. This album is just barely at the half hour mark so do yourself a favour. Go chuck on some headphones, chuck on the album, and get ready to spent the next thirty minutes of your life in pure bliss…

4.5/5 (Amazing)


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